De Dea family and staff

Love that makes the Earth move - and the other planets ...

When Flavio and Brigitte met (and fell in love), they were both 17 and working in what was then the Hotel Vigiljoch. Flavio rode over two passes on his scooter to work in the kitchen; Brigitte lived in Monte San Vigilio and worked in the reception area. They decided to get married when they were just 19 ...


The lady who talks to plants

Brigitte …

… she is always the first up in the morning, and full of energy. Nature flourishes under Mama Brigitte’s care, both in our sunny garden and our vegetable plot. She not only has particularly green fingers, she also knows a number of clever tricks. Whenever she comes back from a nursery or a visit south, the citrus trees on the Lisetta’s terrace seem to almost double*, as if by magic …

* Apparently, they just follow her in droves. Which makes Brigitte a proper plant whisperer.


A calm character, and also a DIY wizard

Flavio …

… is a genuine all-rounder, the right person for every job. Not every superhero wears a cloak: Papa Flavio goes around with his toolbox. Just when you’re about to give up, he arrives with the right solution. He’s calmness personified, and always has a funny joke* or an interesting story to tell. He’s explored the whole tourist area around Merano on his super e-bike and is the ideal person to ask for advice …

* Flavio clearly has a very sunny personality. Nothing really disturbs him, not even the sudden proliferation of citrus trees.


The ray of sunshine in the lives of our guests

Lisa …

… she’s a born hotelier with a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. Her engaging personality can crack even the hardest nut. She’s also a bit of a perfectionist*, and is always on the lookout for new ideas to make her guests the happiest holidaymakers in all Merano. Will she manage that? But of course …

* For Lisa, everything has to be “perfetto”. She knows this can be a bit annoying at times. But who could get angry with that smile? Exactly! No one.


He takes sustainability to heart

Tobias …

… he’s a keen handyman, just like his father-in-law and he’s always there when he’s needed. He charms guests with his easy-going manner*, and puts everyone in a good mood. However, Tobias could also be described as the Lisetta’s environmental manager. Because thanks to his expertise the Lisetta is becoming increasingly ecological!

* Like father-in-law, like son-in-law: with his laid-back manner he can even get Lisa to relax and let go. Sometimes. ;)

Our multitalented receptionists | Anita & Janine …

… are your first point of contact at the reception and know the Lisetta like the back of their hands. They are real all-rounders at reception, with many useful tips for your holiday in Tirolo.

The unbeatable Food & Beverage team | Our bright stars …

… are outright team players and offer you a delightful, personalized service with their unobtrusive and professional manner. Their good mood is contagious, creating a harmony that you, as our guest, will feel every day.


Our heroes in the kitchen  | Stefano, Alice & and their staff …

… are always inventing new culinary delights. Chef Stefano and his staff create original dishes with all sorts of ingredients, and Alice, our pastry chef, tempts you with delicious treats.

Our chambermaids  | the Lisetta’s 4 angels …

… have been with us for many years, carefully cleaning your rooms to ensure they are welcoming retreats.


Markus and Meringerhof farm

Markus is Lisa’s brother and lives at the Meringerhof with his wife Sieglinde and son Lukas. Many of the tasty treats you’ll enjoy at the Lisetta are from Meringerhof farm.


Sonja and the Leitenschenke Restaurant

Sonja is Lisa’s sister and she runs the Leitenschenke restaurant with her husband Tobias and daughter Heidi. This scenic restaurant is by the Roggia di Marlengo and is a must-go destination during your stay!!

As Lisa puts it: “The people who work for us are more than just employees, they are all part of our great Lisetta family. During coffee breaks, we chat about our children, partners and everyday life, laughing, joking and sometimes crying and comforting each other: such moments bind us together as a team.”


Arrive and feel right at home

You could feel the genuine friendliness the moment you checked in (even as a first-time guest), it made you feel at ease right way. This feeling lasted right through the holiday, in every situation. So, whether you were exchanging a few words with the senior lady owner in the garden, or talking to the amazing chef during the Italian evening, you always felt looked after and helped in every way. The difference that sets this hotel apart? The people at the Lisetta have a real vocation for hospitality.

Julia M. - Holidaycheck

The Lisetta, a real “drug”

We have to come back to the Lisetta for at least a few days every year. We just like everything here: the friendly, efficient welcome, the beautiful room, the delicious food, the perfect service in the dining room, the sunbathing lawn and the sauna.  It’s the ideal starting point for a trip around town or a pleasant hike. We can’t wait to go back next year.

Andrea S. - Holidaycheck