Our philosophy: sustainable holidays in South Tyrol

With character and natural value

The Lisetta is not just a place to spend a very happy holiday, but also a hotel that genuinely cares about sustainability and protecting the environment. We’ve always based our choices on these important values, not only now that they have become all the vogue. If you want to know more about sustainable holidays in South Tyrol (and especially at the Lisetta), just contact Tobias, who will tell you everything there is to know about the subject ...

Regional products

Love for Nature.

  • Regional products and produce from our farm
    Much of the produce we use comes from Meringerhof farm, which is run by Markus, the son of the house. This not only helps to reduce goods transport and CO2 emissions, but also means that we always know where our produce comes from.
  • Electricity and heating
    A lot has happened at the Lisetta in the last 11 years:
    Investments in air and water heat pumps
    Replacement of the oil boiler with a more efficient gas system
    Use of the heat produced in our cold stores to heat the water
    New in 2021: our hybrid system (a combined photovoltaic and solar thermal system) reduces gas consumption by 75%. About 85% of the electricity produced can be used for our own consumption, the rest is fed into the grid.

„The concept of the Hotel Lisetta is geared towards above all family and regionality. Guests can expect down-to-earth luxury, exceptionally warm service and a deep connection to the region, which can be seen from the materials used to the products processed in the kitchen. Attention is paid to sustainability in all areas.“

InfraCert srl

Protecting the environment

Certified and distinguished: GreenSign Level 5

GreenSign Level 5

Hurray, we are sustainability winners!
We managed to score some 923 out of 1080 points in the audit process by InfraCert GmbH and thus achieve the highest GreenSign Level 5. This makes our Hotel Lisetta one of the sustainability winners and thus a role model. To compare: Only 11 hotels out of more than 320 certifications reach this level.

What actually is the GreenSign certificate?
It determines the sustainability level of a hotel and relies on a comprehensive catalogue of criteria as well as a strict verification of all information - also on site! At the end of the audit, the sustainability level is determined,which can range from level 1 (capable of improvement) to level 5 (convincing). Certification is carried out by independent auditors and is repeated every three years. The following areas are checked: Environment (energy, water, waste), purchasing, regionality and transport, biodiversity, quality management and sustainable development, management and communication, social and economic responsibility. 

The new generation

The couple had three children, but still managed to make ends meet. Their son Markus had always wanted to become a farmer, so the family decided to buy Meringerhof farm in 2001. In 2008, they also acquired the Leitenschenke Restaurant, which is managed by their daughter Sonja. In 2011, the family sold Pensione Brigitte and bought the Hotel Lisetta

The courage to make a change

The hotel was a real challenge. It was a huge project, because the whole building had to be both renovated and extended. Flavio never had any doubts, he thought the hotel had enormous potential.
In 2013, Lisa graduated from hotel management school and joined her parents’ business. She really flourished, she gets her love of the hotel trade from her parents. Flavio, Brigitte, daughter Lisa and her boyfriend Tobias make an excellent team. Their “love of people” philosophy is reflected in all their work. Or in other words? Their love of their vocation. Meaning that the De Dea family really love what they do. Even if sometimes things don’t go smoothly, or something isn’t exactly “perfect”.



You might think that the hotel was named after its owner, Lisa, but in fact this is not the case. It was already called the Hotel Lisetta when the family bought it 11 years ago. Who knows, maybe fate had a hand in this ... 

The world will change because of your example,
not because of your opinion.

Paulo Coelho


Once you’ve stayed at the Lisetta, you’ll always be back

Even from a distance, you can spot the charming village of Tirolo and the Hotel Lisetta up above the rooftops of Merano. It doesn’t matter which room or suite you choose, because they all have a balcony with a wonderful view. We’ve arrived at our second home. A holiday at Hotel Lisetta will remain in your heart forever - rest assured!

Maria - Holidaycheck

Perfect for us!

A very nice hotel, we felt thoroughly pampered. We went there with the whole family, and we had a great time with the children too. This is our third visit - and it certainly won’t be the last.

Lissy K. - HolidayCheck