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Always take the scenic route …

… Or in other words: wherever you go around Tirolo and the Merano tourist region, you can always enjoy a splendid view of beautiful mountains and valleys.

Are you ready for some new and interesting experiences?

Lagundo Canal Trail

Hiking excursion departing from the hotel

We don’t usually like to brag. But when it comes to the location of our hotel, we just can’t stop raving about it, because it really is in an amazing setting. For example, there are lots of lovely walks you can do in a day, starting straight from our front door!
They include: the Lagundo Canal Trail (with splendid viewpoints), the Apple Trail (an unique experience at blossom time!), the Wine Trail (including lots of useful information), the Tyrol Castle excursion, and the Scenic route to Merano, the famous spa resort

Hikes to a mountain hut

Hikes to a mountain hut

What about some lovely views of mountains and valleys - combined with some lovely food? Nothing could be easier!
The hikes up to our local “malgas” are the stuff of dreams: crisp alpine air, meadows filled with flowers and herbs and a truly idyllic setting. Our insider tips: the Zirmtal mountain hut in the Venosta Valley (with a small lake and the scent of pines); the Schusterhüttl cottage in Val d’Ultimo (a real gem, and off the beaten track), and the Niederhof hotel restaurant near Tel (not one of the true “malgas”, but certainly their equal for natural beauty and culinary pleasure ...).


Hiking areas

Keen hikers and nature-lovers with find plenty of variety around Tirolo and the tourist region of Merano. There are four different hiking areas, all worth exploring:
the Monte Hirzer hiking area (with easy paths, but also the steeper ascent to Picco Ivigna); the Merano 2000 hiking area (with 100 kilometres of trails); Alta Muta (the starting point for hiking to the lovely Sopranes Lakes, and other sights), and Monte San Vigilio (a “car-free” natural paradise).

Filter according to your wishes:

Leitenschenke on the Marlengo canal path


Leitenschenke on the Marlengo canal path

Sonja - Lisa’s sister - runs the Leitenschenke with her family, a scenic restaurant with playground by the Marlengo canal path. The trail starts at Tel (at the beginning of the Val Venosta), and follows the canal on a slight slope, passing through a beautiful landscape. It takes about two and a half hours to walk to the Leitenschenke. When you arrive, please pass on Lisetta’s best regards. And don’t forget to try the famous apricot dumplings!

Monte Muta

Monte Muta

The ascent of Monte Muta (2.294 m)

4.5 h | 11.2 km | 890 am | Upper station of the Alta Muta cable car | medium | Path nos. 22 + 23

Merano’s “home mountain” offers one of the very best viewpoints in the area. This is why it came to be known as the “Gateway to the Tessa Group”. On sunny days - of which there are many in this area - you can enjoy a truly amazing view, from the Ortles to the Dolomites. However, the climb up isn’t exactly a stroll. The path is well-tended, but sometimes quite steep as it zigzags to the summit.
But it really is well worth the effort! 

Picco Ivigna

Picco Ivigna

Climbing on Picco Ivigna

3.5 h | 6 km | 630 am | Upper station of the Merano 2000 cable car | B/C

It consists of various sections: Geistergrat, Waldele, Engelskante. Rock-climbing artists, and anyone aspiring to become one, will feel perfectly at home on the Heini Holzer via ferrata, which takes you to the top of Picco Ivigna. The fact that the route is exposed to the sun is a plus point for both experts and amateurs, including families who just love rock-climbing. There are no extremely hard sections, but because it’s so long this via ferrata is still classed as “challenging”.



“Hoachwool” via ferrata at Naturno

4 h | 3.3 km | 760 am | Juval Castle, Naturno | C/D

The new “Hoachwool” via ferrata at Naturno has some unique features that have made it particularly popular, including steep rock faces, old “bricchi” once used to transport water, some exposed sections, and even a Tibetan hanging bridge. The first part is classed as difficulty levels C/D, the second part is very much more demanding. The long “D” sections make for an exciting and adrenaline-fuelled climb. Our tip: this excursion could include a visit to the Messner Mountain Museum at Juval Castle.



Climbing at the Stulles waterfall in Val Passiria

4.5 h | 5.7 km | 500 am | Moso in Passiria | D/E

The climb near Stulles waterfall in Val Passiria is challenging even for expert climbers. It is not so much the waterfalls that make the climb so hard, but the steep walls and overhanging sections. The via ferrata is divided into three parts, of which the middle one is considered the most difficult. At this point, you’re climbing right by the edge of the waterfall, and find yourself more or less suspended in the air. To work your way up, you need strong arms and careful footwork. Conclusion: exciting, breathtaking, and a real challenge even for experts!

Sopranes Lakes

Sopranes Lakes

The Sopranes Lakes (2.100 – 2.500 m)

The hike to Europe’s highest and largest lake district takes between 2.5 and 3 hours. Situated high above Tirolo, the ten Sopranes lakes are set in a landscape of pools, surrounded by rock formations worn smooth by glaciers.
The lakes are all at different altitudes, and make a very impressive and beautiful sight. Tip: sure-footed mountaineers might like to climb up to the Cima Rosa di Sopranes (2,625 m), from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the glittering lakes below.



MTB trips starting from the hotel

Step on the pedals, feel the wind on your back, free up your mind and enjoy the sheer delight of cycling. Tirolo and its surroundings offer many exciting options for both cyclists and mountain bikers. You can set off on your MTB or e-bike straight from the hotel, with a choice between easier and more demanding routes. For example:
up the Val Passiria to San Leonardo and possibly on to Passo Giovo and Passo Rombo; along the Val Venosta to Malles; a “city” excursion to Bolzano; … or, for the more athletic, the climb up to the Muta farms.
Also enjoyable: the ride up to the Fartleisalm mountain hut in Val Passiria, then along the cycle path by the River Passer to San Martino.



Tirolo scenic chairlift

... an unmissable experience! This historic lift dates back to the 1940s and was overhauled and refurbished in the 1980s, retaining its original charm to this day. Slowly and silently, you float 180 metres above the vineyards and rooftops of Merano, down to the town and then back up again. The chairlift is just a ten-minute walk from the Lisetta. 

Birds of prey

Birds of prey

Birds of prey flying displays

Have you ever seen an eagle, vulture, hawk, owl or buzzard right up close? And by “close”, we mean “eye to eye”. You can do just this at the Bird Care Centre, situated on the same hill as Tyrol Castle.
The flight show takes place every day except Monday at 11:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. (booking required), giving you the chance to watch raptors in action from close quarters.


The best hotel ever

The friendliest hotel (and staff) we’ve ever encountered. We had a wonderful week and can’t wait to go back. All our wishes were fulfilled.

Wolfgang - HolidayCheck

Arrive and feel right at home

You could feel the genuine friendliness the moment you checked in (even as a first-time guest), it made you feel at ease right way. This feeling lasted right through the holiday, in every situation. So, whether you were exchanging a few words with the senior lady owner in the garden, or talking to the amazing chef during the Italian evening, you always felt looked after and helped in every way. The difference that sets this hotel apart? The people at the Lisetta have a real vocation for hospitality.

Julia M. - Holidaycheck