Wellness hotel at Tirolo, near Merano

A fairy’s touch

We’ve reserved a place on cloud nine for our sauna and massage area at the Lisetta wellness hotel. Is it because the sky seems so close that a visit to our Vista Spa is so heavenly? Yes, maybe ...


body, mind & soul | Our sauna oasis

  • Scenic Finnish sauna measuring 20 m²
  • Spacious bio herbal sauna
  • Comfy relaxation room with herbal tea corner and fresh spring water
  • Roof terrace with swing seats and wellness loungers 

SPAtastic | Beauty, massages and much more

Three times a week, you can simply massage away any knots of tension, treat yourself to hand and foot care and enjoy the comforting world of our Vista Spa.

Hand and foot treatments
  • Manicure  | approx. 30 mins. |
  • Manicure with nail polish | approx. 40 mins. |
  • Manicure with permanent nail polish | ½ approx. 60 mins. |
  • Pedicure | approx. 50 mins. |
  • Pedicure with nail polish | approx. 55 mins. |
  • Pedicure with permanent nail polish | approx. 60 mins. |
  • Nail filing and polish (hands or feet) | approx. 24 mins. |
Facial treatments

The "Basics"

  • Eyebrow adjustment |
  • Eyelash tinting |
  • Eyebrow tinting |
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting|

Deep facial cleansing

  • Intensive facial cleansing treatment |½ approx. 70 mins. |
    … Classic treatment for each skin type with deep cleansing action; for clean, soft, healthy skin.
  • Anti-ageing - intensive treatment | ½ approx. 80 mins. |
    … Intensive treatment with biodynamic massage, tailored to skin type and the needs of your skin; fast acting for a fresh, younger look.
  • “Power” facial treatment for men | ½ approx. 50 mins. |
  • Classic massage
    - Full body massage | ½ approx. 50 mins. |
    - Partial body massage | ½ approx. 25 mins. |
    … with targeted actions, tensions in muscles simply dissolve, and body and spirit feel regenerated..
  • Relaxing massage with aromatic oils
    - Full body massage | ½ approx. 50 mins. |
    - Partial body massage | ½ approx. 25 mins. |
    … The balancing and deeply relaxing effect of these special massages gives you a feeling of total relaxation. You can choose between these oils:
    lemongrass (refreshing and invigorating), blood orange (balancing and harmonising), lavender (relaxing and stress-relieving), spruce needles (relaxing and anti-inflammatory)..
  • Resonance back massage | ½ approx. 50 mins. |
    … This resonance massage acts by deeply relaxing the muscles in the back. It is based on a combination of relaxing massage movements, warmth and the gentle loosening of muscle tensions, using the traditional techniques of cupping and singing bowls..
  • Head and face massage  | ½ approx. 25 mins. |
    … this massage stimulates the scalp, helps improve circulation and relaxes the facial muscles; it is particularly helpful in cases of stress or headaches..
  • “Colon” massage | ½ approx. 25 mins. |
    ... stimulates digestion and relaxes all the muscles in the abdomen..
  • Leg massage | ½ approx. 25 mins. |
    … Makes tired legs feel good as new, with mountain pine and arnica oil..
  • Sports massage | ½ approx. 50 mins. |
    ... especially suitable for tension and aching muscles; loosens the muscles and helps speed up the recovery process..
  • 2 in 1: - Foot reflexology and back massage | ½ approx. 50 mins. |
    … an ideal combination..
Ayurvedic massages
  • Vitayur - Abhyanga massage | ½ approx. 70 mins. |
    … A full body massage based on Ayurvedic principles with warm sesame oil. It has a relaxing and harmonising effect and cleanses the skin tissue.
  • Padabhyanga foot massage | ½ approx. 25 mins. |
    … has a balancing and calming effect on stress. Relaxes tense nerves and encourages sound sleep.
  • Lomi–Lomi massage | ½ approx. 60 mins. | 
    … Lomi is a Hawaiian word that means “to knead, to rub or soothe, to work in and out”. Using warm coconut oil, the whole body is rhythmically massaged, working right out to the forearms and hands. The ideal way to banish everyday cares!
  • Balinese temple massage | ½ approx. 70 mins. |
    ... this technique involves a combination of gentle stretches and stronger localised massages on certain areas of the body, using palm pressure, acupressure and sliding movements to reach deep into the muscles and stimulate the flow of energy around the body. The combination of stretching, skin-rolling and stroking makes the Balinese massage an extraordinary method of treatment for body, mind and spirit.
Organic herb and mountain pine package


Mountain pine package | ½ approx. 60 mins. |

Warmth and fragrance. The power of Nature.
Our mountain pine package has a rebalancing effect on circulation, breathing and the nervous system.

First, you relax for about 20 minutes in the bio herbal sauna of our Vista Spa.
When the pores are open and your skin can breathe properly, our masseuse will remove all the dead cells with a gentle body scrub. You will then relax with a 30-minute massage, feeling the beneficial and invigorating effects of the South Tyrolean mountain pine.


Lisetta - the right way to manage a hotel

The Lisetta is a family-run hotel, and that’s exactly as it should be. The attention provided by all the Lisetta team is just unbeatable. From your initial enquiry to the time you leave, you’re always aware of the care and attention they pay to their guests. The genuine friendliness of the De Dea family, like the cheerful attitude of the whole team taking care of both the guests and the hotel, made our stay into a real pleasure and a truly memorable experience.

Christian - Holidaycheck


A fantastic hotel managed with a lot of love by the De Dea family. The food was superb, the staff were a close-knit team and very kind and professional. The new scenic sauna on the third floor is the icing on the cake and has a fantastic view.

Ingo & Heike - Holidaycheck