Wellness hotel at Tirolo, near Merano

A fairy’s touch

We’ve reserved a place on cloud nine for our sauna and massage area at the Lisetta wellness hotel. Is it because the sky seems so close that a visit to our Vista Spa is so heavenly? Yes, maybe ...


body, mind & soul | Our sauna oasis

  • Scenic Finnish sauna measuring 20 m²
  • Spacious bio herbal sauna
  • Comfy relaxation room with herbal tea corner and fresh spring water
  • Roof terrace with swing seats and wellness loungers 

SPAtastic | Beauty, massages and much more

Three times a week, you can simply massage away any knots of tension and enjoy the comforting world of our Vista Spa.

Massages "me time"
  • Classic massage
    Targeted grips loosen tense muscles and there is a noticeable relaxation for body and soul.
    - Full body massage | approx. 50 mins. | 69,00€
    - Partial body massage | approx. 25 mins. | 42,00€
  • Relaxing massage with aromatic oils
    Balancing and deeply calming, these precious massages give you the feeling of holistic relaxation.

    Lemongrass - refreshing and invigorating
    Blood orange - balancing and harmonizing
    Lavender – calming and stress relieving
    Spruce needle - relaxing and anti-inflammatory
    Mint – antispasmodic and analgesic

    - Full body massage | approx. 50 mins. | 72,00€
    - Partial body massage | approx. 25 mins. | 44,00€
  • Resonance back massage | approx. 60 mins. | 84,00€
    The effect of the resonance massage on the back is primarily based on its deep muscle relaxation through the combination of loosening massage grips, warmth through hot rollers and the gentle loosening of muscle adhesions through the tried and tested cupping technique with singing bowls.
Massages "from head to toe"
  • Head neck and shoulder massage  | approx. 25 mins. | 44,00€
    This massage stimulates the scalp, improves blood circulation and relaxes your head, neck and shoulder muscles. Helpful for headaches and stress.
  • “Colon” massage | approx. 25 mins. | 44,00€
    The colon massage stimulates digestion, dissipates flatulence and relaxes the entire abdominal musculature.
  • Lymphatic massage
    During a lymphatic drainage massage the masseur uses very specialized techniques to stimulate the lymph drainage system. This gentle stimulation of lymph drainage system improves micro-circulation of the system and enriches the acidity of the tissue. It reduces water retention, aids detoxification, improves nutritional uptake and thus strengthens the entire immune system.
    - Full body massage | approx. 60 mins. | 84,00€
    - Partial massage face "anti age" | approx. 25 mins. | 46,00€
  • 2 in 1: - Foot - back massage | approx. 50 mins. | 72,00€
    This stimulating foot massage and soothing back massage is the perfect combination.
  • Fascial after sports massage | approx. 60 mins. | 82,00€
    This regeneration massage loosens skin and tissue adhesions. With deep, slow grips, the regeneration of tired muscles and the recovery of the entire organism is optimized, and the removal of metabolic end products is accelerated. 
    - Full body massage | approx. 50 mins. | 74,00€
    - Partial massage legs | approx. 25 mins. | 45,00€
  • BREUSS massage with pack | approx. 50 mins. | 74,00€The Breuss massage is a gentle back massage with St. John ´ s Wort oil that relieves mental and physical tension and initiates the regeneration of underserved intervertebral discs. The pack that follows gives you additional relaxation and well-being.
Energetic Wellbeing
  • Energetic – circulatory massage | approx. 50 mins. | 76,00€
    This harmonizing treatment helps to connect with yourself and to consciously feel your own body again. The old, pent-up energy is emptied so that new energies can flow again and be redistributed.
  • Soul contact massage | approx. 50 mins. | 72,00€
    The Soul Contact Massage is a harmonious massage with soft, slow strokes, starting with the feet and ending on the face. It works on body - mind - emotions. The stress level is greatly reduced and there is a deep, mental relaxation.
  • Reiki massage | approx. 50 mins. | 74,00€ 
    Reiki means "universal energy". By laying hands on the 7 chakras, the Reiki energy can flow and bring about balance and harmony in body, mind and soul. A deep general sense of well-being and energetic balance is achieved.
Organic herb and mountain pine package

Mountain pine package | approx. 60 mins. | 69,00€

Warmth and fragrance. The power of Nature.
Our mountain pine package has a rebalancing effect on circulation, breathing and the nervous system.

First relax for about 15 minutes in our organic herbal sauna in the VISTA SPA. Now that your skin can breathe properly, Sonia, our masseuse, will rid you of excess skin cells with a gentle peeling. Then relax with a 30-minute massage and feel the power and effect of the original South Tyrolean mountain pine.

  • Foot reflexology therapy | approx. 50 mins. | 74,00€
    Our feet make contact with the earth and every part of the body is connected to corresponding reflex zones on the feet. This massage creates a feeling of grounding. The entire organism is stimulated and self-healing powers are stimulated.
    The therapy is individually tailored to your own physical symptoms.
  • Physiotherapy | approx. 50 mins. | 79,00€
    With pleasure you can book individual physiotherapy with our qualified physiotherapist Sonia.
Fitness room

Fit for Fun!

From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Our fitness room contains a range of equipment from the well-known Technogym brand: a muscle-building machine, a stair stepper, an exercise bike and a treadmill.



The best hotel ever

The friendliest hotel (and staff) we’ve ever encountered. We had a wonderful week and can’t wait to go back. All our wishes were fulfilled.

Wolfgang - HolidayCheck

Arrive and feel right at home

You could feel the genuine friendliness the moment you checked in (even as a first-time guest), it made you feel at ease right way. This feeling lasted right through the holiday, in every situation. So, whether you were exchanging a few words with the senior lady owner in the garden, or talking to the amazing chef during the Italian evening, you always felt looked after and helped in every way. The difference that sets this hotel apart? The people at the Lisetta have a real vocation for hospitality.

Julia M. - Holidaycheck