The Maia Alta canal

From Merano by bus to Maia Alta (370 m); from Piazza Fontana we head to the nearby Castel Planta, where the route along the canal starts (indication). Proceeding between orchards and vineyards you pass the Sonnwendhof farmstead, then the short rocky gorge equipped with walkways and railings, and the guardian’s house, again with a view of the valley floor. Continuing through shrubs and groves and touching some farmland one reaches the meadows and the restaurant Torgglerhof. A little further on we cross the river over the bridge to finally climb to Saltaus (490 m, trattoria; 2–21⁄2 hours). Return to the first leg, or with the regular bus, fairly frequent.

Altitude difference: approx. 120 m
Altitude: 492 m
Route length: 8.5 km
Duration: 2:15 hours

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