The high valley of Adige

Adige – the second longest river in Italy – begins in the vicinity of Hotel Lisetta. The source of this river, in fact, is located in the beginning of the Venosta Valley, up in Alto – near the border with Switzerland and Austria.

After leaving the Venosta Valley at the height of Sluderno, the river bends to the south in the direction of Bolzano, thus forming the high valley of Adige – thirty kilometers mainly cultivated with orchards and vineyards, that represent one of the most beautiful landscapes of the entire South Tyrol.

Particularly, in spring, when the blossoming of fruit trees embellishes the valley floor and its picturesque villages with vivid colors.

Lana, Terlano, Gargazzone and many others are the towns that alternate with one another along the course, and that, with their cozy and calm atmosphere, are ideal for a visit or a walk in full relaxation.

Going further, towards Bolzano, where the waters of Adige and those of Isarco join together, you enter the Lowlands. This area as well is featured by numerous orchards and differences between the right bank of the river and the left one. Along the last one, the famous Wine Route of South Tyrol runs – it is an itinerary, very popular among tourists in search of traditional and folk views.

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