The canyon of the Passirio

The adventurous tour through the Passerschlucht starts in the village center of Moos in Passeier. Walk past the church, cross the old wooden bridge and continue to the sign “Stieber Wasserfall” (left). The Stieber waterfall, which has a total height of 37 meters, offers an impressive natural spectacle, especially after heavy rain or in spring during the snowmelt. The path leads past the waterfall to Café Bad Sand. There, follow the signs for “Passerschlucht” (1A) on the left for a short while through meadows. Continue down to the retention basin, where you reach the Passerschlucht (direction St. Leonhard). The path is now mostly through the forest, always along the Passer. A large part of this adventurous adventure path runs over iron grates and lattice staircases – these should be familiar to the dog in any case, then the common experience nothing stands in the way. For centuries, the stream has made its way through the rock. The enormous power of the water has created interesting rock formations. Gratings and modern observation bridges allow you to observe the underlying, roaring waters of the Passer. Pure nature spectacle! Refreshments are available in St. Leonhard and Moos. Arrived in St. Leonhard you can either take the bus back to Moos or hike back through the gorge (2 ½ hours). In the opposite direction, however, the route is more demanding and strenuous, as it always goes uphill. St. Leonhard can also serve as the starting point of the tour, as the Passerschlucht can be walked in both directions.

Altitude difference: approx. 370 m
Altitude: 1600 m
Route length: 7.5 km
Duration: 3 hours

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