Schloss Tirol

Leave the hotel and walk towards the center of Dorf Tirol. Past the petrol station, take the renovated Falkner promenade, with its outstanding view of Merano and the amazing Mediterranean vegetation. After a while, the promenade enters the Castle street, along which there is a tunnel called Kappenloch, from which you will come out to the last part of the journey. The last 100 meters are uphill and allow for arriving at the majestic Tirol Castle. Do not miss a visit to the castle, next to which there is a wonderful aviary of birds of prey. It is a hospital where many of these fantastic animals have recovered after various injuries. Every day, the birds of prey of Castle Tirol and their falconers perform in a breathtaking show, to delight adults and children.

Altitude difference: approx. 200 m
Altitude: 800 m
Route length: about 2 km
Walking time: 2 hours

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