Tappeiner Trails

Directly from Hotel Lisetta, by surpassing Gneidweg, you can take the famous Tappeiner trails. This promenade that stretches over Merano and delights all the lovers of plants, is named after the physician and botanist from Merano, Franz Tappeiner, who designed the park and the gardens.

This trail goes through vineyards and orchards, offering an incomparable fauna. Here, while sipping cappuccino, we can admire the view of the Adige Valley laying below.

After about eight kilometers, we cross the Tiroler Steig – the last part of our walk. In about 20 minutes, we are back in the town of Dorf Tirol, where we can end up the day on the terrace of Hotel Lisetta.

Track length approximately 12 km
Walking time about 1.5 hours
Altitude difference 250 meters
Altitude between 340 and 590 meters

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