Felixer Weiher (Lago di Tret)

From Hotel Lisetta, drive up to the village of Lana. Across the bridge over Rio Valsugana, you will get to the Palade Pass, near the Chapel of Our Lady of the Forest. The shrine is worth visiting. Then, just before San Felice, turn left and arrive at a large car park. From here you can stroll in the woods, slightly uphill. Once past the sawmill, proceed through the woods and meadows, filling your lungs with fresh oxigen. The ascent increases, up to Alpe Felixer, from where in 10 min you will get to Felixer Weiher, also called Trettsee. It is a nice place to stop and, in summer, cool down with a good dip.

Altitude difference: approx. 370 m
Altitude: 1600 m
Route length: 7.5 km
Duration: 3 hours

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