Excursions in the Passeier Valley

On the Texel Group

With its 33,430 hectares of extension, the Texel Group Nature Park is the largest one of the seven South Tyrolean nature parks. It is a true natural treasure due to its uncontaminated spaces and a variety of landscapes.

Indeed, with the altitudes up to 3,000 meters above sea level, the nature park exhibits all habitats characterizing South Tyrol – from mountain pastures to glaciers.

Here, you will find winding paths and equipped routes that bring hikers into contact with the lush nature and its inhabitants.

Alta Via di Merano is recommended for experienced hikers. It is a 120 km long route that encircles the entire Texel Group and can be undertaken starting from different points.

Alta Via di Merano

Alta Via di Merano is a 120 km long mountain trail that winds around the Texel Group. The route is marked with number 24 and can be traversed on foot in nearly one week.

Conventionally they distinguish: Alta Via di Merano Nord, that runs around the Giogaia di Tessa and leads to the valleys of Senales, Fosse and Passeier. Alta Via di Merano Sud, instead, touches only the Senales and Passeier Valleys.

The canals of the Passeier Valley

While walking on the mountain slopes, turned by the hard work of farmers into an area cultivated with vines, you can come across unexpected waterways.

These ancient irrigation canals are still used nowadays. The small deviations of the main river course guide the water along the mountain slopes, via small barrages, to the meadows and fields.

The amount of flowing water is decided by the regulation of every single irrigation canal. Waaler was the figure responsible for the care and control of these water courses that are still called Waalwege.

Along the South Tyrolean irrigation canals, there are narrow paths, ideal for relaxing walks, away from the city chaos.

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